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Lynwoodcrafts specialises in embroidered accessories for you and your home. Vintage and recycled linens, laces and fabrics are sympathetically and lovingly used to create a similar range of accessories offered to you by LynwoodcraftsRecycled.


 Lynwoodcrafts offers items for sale at Lynwoodcrafts at Folksy, Lynwoodcrafts at Etsy.

LynwoodcraftsRecycled is also at Folksy.


Current stock includes: embroidered jewellery, embroidered stationery items, embroidered needle books, pincushions, purses, bags and cases. Items are made by hand in North Wales. Although many traditional techniques are used, the embroidered brooches and other items which are produced represent a new expression of the crafts. 


All items offered for sale are of my own design. Themes are often repeated, but no two items are ever exactly the same.

I would be happy to welcome you to my blog - recent items, work in progress, recently acquired materials and equipment, a peep inside my vintage linen chest, musings about my wanderings around the UK and some of my extensive library of photos which provide inspiration for my work


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